Starting Out:

Character Sheet

This is where you will find your attributes listed, along with your Hits, Armor Factor, Weapon Skill, Weapon Damage, and Realm Point totals. The attributes have been explained, Hit points should be self explanitory, and realm points are explained in another section. What might be confusing are the following fields:

  • ArmorFact: This is the total "Effective Armor Factor" of all pieces of armor you are wearing. Armor Buffs (which we get in our Pathfinding line) are added on top of this. AF is capped by level, but the AF buffs are supposed to allow us to exceed this cap (currently bugged).
  • WeapDam: This is the total "Effective Damage" your weapon does. This number is the same as what you would see on your weapon (by pressing "shift + i"), only this number leaves out the decimal point and is rounded to the hundredths. e.g. 6.4 Effective DPS could be shown as 641 in the WeapDam field.
  • WeapSkill: This is a composite of your total weapon spec, stats, and buffs. The higher your stats and weapon specs are, the higher this number will be.

ArmorFact, WeapSkill, and WeapDam all figure into the amount of damage you do per swing (your enemy's AF vs your WeapSkill acts as a damage multipler to your WeapDam). The higher these numbers are on your character sheet, the more damage you will deal. The exact formula is:

(WeapSkill / enemy AF) * effective DPS * delay = damage per shot/swing

*DPS: Damage per Second*



The Bonuses tab brings up a window that shows your current resistances, as well as any bonuses to damage, Realm Points, and Bounty Points gained through having keeps claimed by your Guild (or Allies), or having stolen an enemy's relics.

There are 2 basic types of resistances: physical and magical. The physical resistances are Thrust, Slash, and Crush, and each one reduces the amount of damage you take depending on the type of weapon your enemy is using. There are also six magical resists which include heat, energy, body, matter, cold, and spirit.

For rangers the most important resistances to have are slash, thrust, and body, with crush and all the other magic resists coming after (this is because assassins only use slashing or thrusting weapons, who are our natural enemies, and their poisons do Body damage).

Relics add 10% extra damage to your attacks for each on your Realm has stolen. There are 2 different relics in each realm, one for Casting/healing power (Power Relic), and one for melee/bow power (Strength Relic). Having your own relic does not give you any bonus, so at most you can have up to 20% extra damage (and/or healing power) by taking matching relics from both your enemies.

There are also a few bonuses you gain by having your guild and allies take and hold keeps. You gain an over-all percentage bonus to the number of Realm Points and Bounty Points you gain for killing enemies. You also gain 3 times as many realm points per kill when defending a keep that is taken by an ally.



All of your attributes are capped at your level multiplied by 1.5, so at 50 you can at most have +75 in any given attribute from items you are wearing. There is a 1.875*level cap for Double Stat buffs (Druid spec buffs, and our Dex/Qui buff). Single line buffs (Bard/Warden buffs, and our Str buff) are capped at your level*1.25. All these of these caps stack on top of eachother, and the stats you gain from levels and realm abilities stack on top of all this as well. You can also add "Hits" from items, which are added to your HP total on top of what is gained by buffing Con. This is capped at 4 times your level, so at level 50 you can have +200 to hits. Fully buffed you can gain up to 230 points in a stat on top of your base attributes (what you started with, and gained by leveling/realm abilities). All stats used to be capped at 300 (you would see no benefit from buffing taking you over 300 in any stat), but recently that cap has been removed.

Each resistance is capped by your level, divided by 2, plus one (lvl / 2 + 1 = res cap), so at level 50 you will at most be able to boost each resist by 26% with items. As you will notice, your race might have an innate bonus to certain damage types. This stacks on top of your item cap, as do Realm Abilities and spells cast by Wardens and Druids that increase your resists. For example, a Lurikeen has a base 5% crush resist, with the full 26% in items he can have 31% crush resistance at level 50.

Specializations are all capped at your level, divided by 5, plus 1 (lvl / 5 + 1 = spec cap), so at level 50 you can have +11 in any specialization from items. It is important to remember with all of these (and any further calculations you may see) that all numbers Mythic uses are always rounded down.