Starting Out:

Smidgen’s Ranger RvR Guide

Tactics: The following is a list of tactics Smidgen compiled on the VN boards.

1. Don’t run in valleys. Ranged combat receives an increase with elevation. The lower you are, the wider range around you people can shoot arrows or bolt you from (normal nukes do not increase in range, however).

2. Don’t run on the top of hills either. Running on top of hills creates a wider range that people can see you from. I recommend running slightly lower than the peak of a hill or ridge. This way you will somewhat blend into the hill and not be silhouetted against the sky.

3. When stealthed, don’t stand still. First, it will be easier for assassins to line up a PA (Perforate Artery) on you. Second, the range in which people can see you stealthed is variable. It changes depending on how fast you and the other person are moving. For instance, it’s possible for someone to run right over the top of you and not see you, while the same person, if stopped, would see you from 2-3 paces away. (Due to the 3 second buffer)

4. Jump shooting is a very good way to do damage while not risking much harm to yourself. Jump shooting is when you stand behind a wall or object of equal height and jump while spamming the fire key. You will jump to just above the object to release your arrow and then fall back down behind view. When jump shooting, it’s fairly easy for enemies to target you. The problem they have, is actually hitting you. Unless they fire/nuke at the exact moment you jump above the wall, they get the message, “You can’t see your target.” (Obviously, this tactic is best utilized by Lurikeens considering their short height.)

5. If you ever find yourself stuck in the top room of a Mile Gate with enemies all around and coming up to find you, go to the windows on the outer side. Stealth, and slowly inch out of the window until you step down onto the small window ledge. Then sidestep left or right. This will put you out of view and it’s a good place to let the heat die down.

6. When you’re the only one defending a keep and the attackers have assassins patrolling the walls, there are two things you can do. One is to get on the roof of the small hut to the right of the front tower. You used to be able to get on top by “screenshot jumping.” They fixed this bug however. You can still get on top, but it’s more difficult. You need to use the small walls as stairs and slowly jump up to a higher level each time. This is easiest done while stealthed. Once on top and stealthed, line up a crit shot on someone below, as soon as you release run to the back side of the roof of the hut. It’s very easy for the attackers to see you on the front part of the roof, so after you unstealth to fire, it’s important to get out of sight. The second thing you can do while defending a keep by yourself is to defend from the lord’s room. Once at the lord’s room, jump up on the wall and scoot around to the side facing the front of the keep. From here, you can barely see the attackers down in front of the door. This is where it gets tricky. You need to shoot between the front tower and the small hut. This can only be done from very specific places on the wall. You also need to have an enemy in the exact right place down below. I’ve only been able to do this with a recurve bow since it has the longest range. Jump shooting can also be applied here.

7. When faced with a lone caster of similar level, sometimes it’s better to engage with melee rather than shooting arrows. With all the ways a caster can neutralize us (nearsight, quickcast, bubble), sometimes it’s better to just engage in melee. A quickcasted root will do them no good since you can just use arrows once they get out of melee range.

8. If you are in a situation where you are in a standoff with a caster and are unable to stealth, charge the caster. Unless you drew your bow before they began casting, they will cast faster and harder than you will hit them with arrows. By charging them, you put them in a tough position. Should they continue to cast hoping that you die before you get to them? Should they run and avoid melee?

9. When choosing a sniping position during a battle or when camping a location, try to stand behind an opaque, but not solid object. Standing behind a tree, bush, mob, or other person, will make you unable to be seen even when not stealthed. It sounds basic, but it’s surprising how much it can help to be behind a tree.

10. Elevation is your friend. As I mentioned earlier, when you are on higher ground, you have a wider range of places you can hit with arrows. This will also get some much needed distance for more shots between you and that tank you’re shooting.

11. If you have Truesight, don’t waste it. A good way to tell if a stealther is in the area or not is to spam your stealth key on and off until you get the message “too close to an enemy to stealth.” This will give you and idea of where the stealther is before you burn TS.

12. When following the zerg through Emain, there are several things you can do to help preserve your chances of staying alive. First off, don’t be the first one out of the gates when the battle starts. Take your time. Let the tanks rush forward in front of you. The further away from the enemy tanks you are, the better. Second, stealth just before the two zergs crash together. As the enemy selects their first targets for attack, hopefully they’ll bypass you (since you’re stealthed) and pick someone else. This way, by they time you unstealth after your first shot, many of the enemies will already be focused on attacking a specific person. Third, use those big firby healers as big, hairy shield. If you can, try to stand inside of them. This will make it very hard to target you and you will most likely only get hit by AE attacks.

13. When defending an MG against a zerg, get on the wall. Elevation is your friend.

14. Arrow selection will greatly increase the amount of damage you do. Go to This has a nice chart that lists damage type effectiveness against certain classes.


Added Tactics

- Learn to use multiple critshots when the opportunity arrives. Such as when you see a lone healer in the back healing those mids, or when that wizard is scene nuking the hell out of people... 2-3 CSs will knock them out of commission if you can land them. Hit Crit shot and autorelease but don't auto reload, once your shot is off, repeat.

- If you get Perfed, move forward. I play an NS as well and I can tell you this is the only way (aside from parry or evade) that my chain is messed up. Smart people have learned to just run through me and then turn around, that way I miss Crippling Death and have to rely on straight melee or bail out.

- Use /assist when firing arrows. 2 or 3 Rangers firing on the same target = dead target. The benefits of BT are negated with synchronized bowshots.